CPO Certification Part 1

Safety Connection offers a 3 day Certification Part 1 program with 2 instructors to administer the program. It meets Chief Prevention Officer approval. Safety Connection is listed on the Approved Providers list found on the Ministry of Labour website at www.labour.gov.on.ca. Contact noel@safetyconnection for information and to obtain the registration form.

CPO Certification Part 2

We are approved providers for the two day Certification Part 2. Once Part 1 is completed, an assessment is a requirement, which we can also help you with. From this assessment, the company will determine topics which are company specific for your participants. We can help you with a list of topics which we provide. Please contact noel@safetyconnection.ca or carolann@safetyconnection.ca for further information.

CPO Refresher Certification

Companies that have received Certification training are required under Ministry of Labour Standards in 2015 to have a Refresher every 3 years. This program is a one day course and it reviews essential and current legislation and provides the opportunity for resolving health and safety issues.

Working Together

Our consultants work together with the client to identify, assess and determine safety, health and environmental needs, based on the client’s readiness and capacity.

General Consulting Services include:

Assisting with development of a basic health and safety program

Providing health and safety information

Recommending solutions

Assessing training needs

In-depth consulting solutions based on
client needs include:

Customizing and delivering on-site training

Developing and delivering ‘awareness’ presentations on specific health and safety topics

Increasing Joint Health and Safety Committee effectiveness

Assisting firms in developing and implementing Core Audit requirements

Consultations on the Occupational Health and Safety and applicable Regulation, .Health and Safety Systems Audits

Health and Safety Programs Development

Office, Shops, Equipment, site Inspections

Joint Health and Safety Committees

Working with your business with non-compliance regulatory issues