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Safety Groups Program

Policies and Procedures to assist you with implementation of Safety Group criteria

The WSIB are sponsoring Safety Groups in Ontario. They will give organizations additional rebates if a firm meets the requirements of the Safety Group they join. The Board requires that firms establish standards, communication, training, evaluations and acknowledge success for the elements. The rebates received are in addition to the current NEER rebates now being received.

Safety Connection has experience developing health and safety programs to meet the safety group requirement and have already received $29,000 in rebates for one company and we can do the same for you. Please contact us today.

Core Services

Additional Services

Health and Safety Manual

Preparation and development of the Health & Safety Manuals

  • 1 Main ( Manager ) Manual
  • 1 Supervisor Manual
  • 1 Employee Manual
  • 1 Contractor Manual
  • This Introduction is to the management and the Joint Health & Safety Committee. It is at this stage we get the approval of the committee to accept the new rules and regulations.


How to assess your office environment and make sure you have an ergonomically friendly environment

Noise Monitoring

Noise monitoring, assessments and surveys are required for a huge range of workplace activities

From engineering works to light manufacturing and even office / laboratory based environments. Often only small areas of these organizations may pose a risk to health and the set up of simple safeguards and working practices can resolve any potential problems caused by elevated noise levels.

Noise monitoring will determine the most suitable control method to reduce exposure of noise should it be required and enable you to select the most suitable ear protection for your workplace if engineering controls can not be incorporated.

Reports will be issued detailing all findings from the noise monitoring / risk assessment along with necessary workplace changes that must be made and recommendations of what ear protection is required employee training may also be arranged.

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Employee loses a limb, production is stopped, worker dies or chemical fire closes company
Fines totalling over $330,000 have recently been imposed by courts on five employers for violations of Ontario's Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA)

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